Self-Help for the Service Desk - Password Automation: Podcast interview with Chip Gliedman, analyst at Forrester Research, and Bob Worner, director of product management at BMC Software, Inc.



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BMC Communities listens in on a conversation about Identity Management, but more specifically, the issues and pains surrounding password management. Universal pain is felt when users have to keep up with a myriad of passwords in a number of applications. The more often each application requires that the password be reset, the more frustrated they become. Did you also know that each call to your service desk about password management takes up at least five to eight minutes of their time? How can you solve this problem right now? Chip Gliedman, analyst at Forrester specializing in service management and help desk issues, and Bob Worner, director of product management at BMC Software's Identity Management business unit, tell you how.

Added regulatory requirements, audit controls, and corporate security have all combined to increase the requirement for complex, frequently changing passwords. As a result, password-related calls to the help desk or service desk have increased to the point that password and access issues are often the number one problem. This interview gives you information about how you can improve the situation now. And, for more details, tune in to a webinar on the issues around password resets, automation strategies, and how effective self-service can impact the entire IT/corporate user relationship.


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Chip Gliedman is an analyst and Forrester vice president. Chip researches using management processes, technology architectures, business applications, and external service providers to provide the maximum value to internal customers of IT through the service desk and external customers of an organization through customer service and contact centers. He has delivered presentations and workshops worldwide to audiences ranging from four to 400. His work on calculating and communicating the value of IT and IT projects was the subject of a cover story in PC Week, and he has been featured in InformationWeek (US and Germany), CIO Magazine (US and Canada), Business Week, and numerous other business and trade publications. He has also appeared as a panelist on "Silicon Spin" with John Dvorak on ZDTV. Chip earned a BA in anthropology from Hamilton College.


Bob Worner is the director of product management with the Identity Management Business Unit at BMC Software. With more than 20 years of experience in software architecture, design, and development, Bob is responsible for long-term market analysis and business development of BMC Software’s identity management product solutions. This includes working closely with customers; analysts; technology, and business partners; marketing, product management, and the office of the CTO to provide product guidance and business.