Adolfo Ibanez - BSM Demos Take Flight

BSM Demos Take Flight: Podcast interview with Adolfo "Duff" Ibanez, technical services manager at BMC Software, Inc.



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In response to a request from an analyst in our audience, we've connected with Adolfo "Duff" Ibañez, technical services manager at BMC Software. He discusses how BMC is changing the way it does business by delivering a solution to partners that enables a real-time and unwired demonstration of business service management. Flight Deck Global Solutions Site has enabled BMC and its partners to truly move from a product to a solution sales model. It's a simple, customizable, and unwired way to demo BSM in action. If you're an analyst or partner, listen in.

Software consulting is changing, at BMC and many other companies. As any software company evolves and grows, demonstrating value to customers and prospects becomes difficult. Integrating all the new software products released as well as software from acquired companies is complex and time-consuming. Add the fact that demos couldn't be performed remotely and were tied to specific hardware, and you are guaranteed problems. Flight Deck GSS enables BMC consultants to shorten the sales cycle by using any Internet connection to demo business service management and all of its underlying components.


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Adolfo "Duff" Ibañez III has been involved in technology and software development for over 15 years. He joined BMC Software in 1997 as a developer, was recruited into software consulting in 2001, and is currently the technical services manager for BMC Software’s Worldwide Channels and Alliances organization. Duff and his team are responsible for the technical enablement of BMC Software’s partners. This team developed and manages the Flight Deck Program, which is redefining the way BMC Software and their partners deliver demonstrations and software evaluations.