How the CMDB Activates BSM: Podcast Interview with Kia Behnia, Chief Corporate Architect at BMC Software, Inc.



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Kia Behnia, chief corporate architect at BMC Software, discusses the evolution of the CMDB and its similarities to the purpose of personal information manager (PIM). Many companies over the years have put together various management systems and have to tell that system about the environment; this is analogous to the information put into a PIM. Kia talks about data organization in the earlier PIMs and his pet peeves when it comes to information-store usability. He also gives advice on balancing efficiency with business alignment so that your IT department can become a true activator for the business itself.

Attaining efficiency and alignment is not just an either/or proposition. Kia give examples of companies that became so efficient, they risked being outsourced because they had not created a close relationship with the business. On the other hand, he discusses IT organizations that were so aligned with the business that they forgot efficiency; eventually, those organizations became so expensive, their growing businesses could not afford them. The key is balance, says Kia. Step back and look at your business, from the top down. What business decisions do you want to make? Such an assessment will point you in the right direction and enable you to deliver the right data to the right people. This is the very best way to get the most out of your IT dollars while achieving business alignment and activation.


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Kia Behnia helped develop BMC Software's Change and Configuration Management (CCM) strategy. Prior to joining BMC Software, he was CTO for Marimba, and, earlier in his career, he was one of the principal technologists for Tivioli Systems.