The Future of the Software Architect: Podcast interview with Jeff Hodges, manager of the Client Architecture group at BMC Software, Inc.



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How has the role of the software architect changed through the years and what will it look like in the future? Jeff Hodges, manager of the Client Architecture group at BMC Software, Inc., says companies have traditionally looked at architects for their specialties with certain databases, applications, or systems. Companies with more mature IT organizations are realizing today that this role has evolved into that of someone who not only understands their technology-specialty areas, but also what is happening, on a larger scale, to the organization. This emerging role of the business service management architect is the key to helping IT successfully align and support the business.

As business service management (BSM) becomes a reality for any company, the role of the BSM architect becomes more and more critical to the organization. Jeff believes that this role of trusted advisor will evolve. He thinks more vertical or industry specializations will naturally occur and that more specialized training and education will become available, not only at BMC, but everywhere. But instead of focusing expertise solely around a particular technology, he advises, the BSM architect should understand your IT organization, the specific changes that need to happen to it, and how technology integrates into, and impacts, your business.


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Jeff Hodges manages the Software Consulting Client Architect team at BMC Software, Inc. Jeff has over 14 years of experience managing people, process, and technology to successfully develop and implement integrated IT Service Management solutions. He was formerly an R&D engineer and R&D team manager for HP, professional services consultant for Remedy Corporation, consulting manager for Siemens, independent consultant, and a project manager for Citigroup and client architect for BMC Software. Jeff holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from California State University at Sacramento, California.