Women in Technology: Podcast interview with Mary Nugent, vice president of software consulting at BMC Software, Inc.



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Forget the "glass ceiling." Mary Nugent, vice president of software consulting at BMC Software, discusses how far women are progressing, not only in technology, but in business in general. Mary discusses the women who inspire her. Among those she most admires are Meg Whitman of eBay, Linda Dillman of Wal-Mart, Anne Livermore of HP, and Melinda Gates -- who was a product manager at Microsoft before she undertook the task of influencing Bill Gates on world-changing matters like bringing technology into human issues.

Mary believes females do well in technical and consulting positions and tells you exactly why. She also discusses the organizations that women can join if they are interested in networking, and how those networks can help them get ahead. The best thing to do, she says, is look inside your own organization for opportunities to interact with others. Mary believes that a diverse workforce brings an amazing richness to a business. Finally, she advises both men and women about how they can mentor and help young people get a good start in the business world.


Thought Leadership Council at BMC Software

Mary Nugent covers the Service Model concept


Mary Nugent is an accomplished software technology executive with expertise and in-depth knowledge of information technology. She leads the software consulting organization that is responsible for Business Service Management (BSM) projects for BMC Software.