Why the Mainframe Matters: Podcast interview with Mike Moser, product management director and program executive at BMC Software, Inc.



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At one time or another, virtually everyone who works with mainframes has heard that the mainframe is dying. This has been especially true in recent years, with the media publishing forecasts that foretell its imminent demise. But Mike Moser, product management director and program executive at BMC Software, disagrees. He has gathered actual customer data showing that more than 80 percent of the respondents say that mainframe use is holding steady or is actually growing at their company as new applications and new workloads are configured. And, why not? Most of the world's mission-critical data and transactionally intense workloads are hosted on mainframes. Also, if you are seeking the most reliable and stable platform with the lowest TCO, the mainframe is still king.

In this interview, Mike discusses the important developments and investments being made for this platform and the challenges and priorities of the organizations that have mainframes in their IT environment today. One key issue is that even though the mainframe is here to stay, fewer people are entering the workforce with mainframe expertise and experience. Mike explains why this skill set is valuable and where the opportunities lie. If you want to work with the most mission-critical applications and solve the toughest business problems, the mainframe is where it's at.


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Mike Moser is a product management director and program executive in BMC Software's Mainframe Service Management business unit. Before coming to BMC, Mike spent several years at both Digital Equipment Corporation as a hardware engineer and later in field consulting with clients in the aerospace industry on software development in real-time computing applications. Later at Ralston Purina, Mike was involved in IT strategic planning, technology planning, and application development. Mike has spent the last six years with BMC as a product manager in both distributed and mainframe product lines, with his most recent assignment focused on making BMC's extensive mainframe solutions portfolio a fully integrated member of their Business Service Management solutions.