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What Does IT Have to Do With the Price of Oil? Podcast interview with Dave Wagner, solutions management director for Capacity Management and Provisioning at BMC Software, Inc.



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Data center efficiency is the ratio between how much useful work is done and the total cost of IT.  It seems like a simple equation, but it has Dave Wagner, solutions management director for Capacity Management and Provisioning at BMC Software, scratching his head.  The problem, he says, is the price of oil.  With energy costs rising as much as 30 percent per year, depending on where you live, the dollars you spend on power will soon surpass what you spend on servers.  This poses a problem for data center managers who need to accurately manage capacity.  We can measure the cost of power at the data center level and even down to the rack level, but there is no way to measure power consumed per server.  If you've ever thought about "going green" in your data center, be sure to listen in.

Dave's blog, Twenty-First Century Capacity Management, has some thought provoking posts on this subject. He writes about the impact of global warming on IT and the data center thermal runway.  And, he poses questions you might never have pondered. Here's one:  If power is a bigger part of the cost equation than servers, shouldn't you be doing capacity management on power instead of on servers?



Dave Wagner's email:  david_wagner@bmc.com

Data Center Optimization



Dave Wagner is a solutions management director for Capacity Management and Provisioning at BMC Software.  He is responsible for driving overall solution strategy, pricing, requirements, and positioning for BMC's families of proactive performance analysis, modeling, and dynamic provisioning and orchestration solutions across leading enterprise platforms and their associated application environments. He has spoken at numerous conferences including the Computer Measurement Group, the premier conference for resource management and performance evaluation professionals.

Tom Parish

Risk Management 101

Posted by Tom Parish Oct 5, 2006
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Risk Management 101: Podcast interview with Cindy Sterling, Director at BMC Software, Inc.



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Regulatory compliance for corporations isn't new, though it has become a popular topic and, sometimes, the subject of intense media coverage. In the end, it's really all about risk, and how your business manages it. Cindy Sterling, a director of BMC Software's Identity Management business unit, can provide the "411" on risk management. She takes you through the definitions, critical points, and key steps so that you can better understand risk management for your IT organization. And, if you'd like to see how best practice standards like CobIT map back to business service management, she gives you a visual reference so you can correlate the control objectives to your service-level objectives.

First, you have to think of risk management as a business issue, not just an IT issue. How important is it to you? What are you trying to accomplish? You must understand that there are internal and external drivers for risk. Which ones do you focus on first, and why? What is the most important risk to your business right now that you may have not considered? Advises Cindy, everything about your risk management process should deliver value back to the organization, or you'll "risk" just wasting your time.



Mapping CobIT to Business Service Management

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Risk Management Guide for IT Systems



Cindy Sterling is a director at BMC Software, Inc. Since joining BMC in 1993, Cindy has held several executive positions including director of operations for field marketing for the Americas covering five business units, director of North American technical services for security management solutions, and worldwide director of product marketing and business development for identity management solutions. The flagship product of her business unit is BMC Identity Management Suite, the most successfully deployed solution in the market today, covering directory management and vsualization, user administration and provisioning, audit and compliance management, access management, and password management.

Prior to 1993, Cindy held several professional and management positions at American United Life Insurance Company. At AUL, her career activities included automating the company’s data center, which included deployment of several BMC Software solutions. Cindy holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree from Taylor University.


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