Business Service Management for SAP: Podcast interview with Marike Owen, senior product manager at BMC Software, Inc.



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Business Service Management (BSM) is the methodology that will change the way you do business -- it allows you to manage IT from a business perspective. With SAP applications installed at over 32,500 companies worldwide and growing fast, BSM for SAP is a necessary topic for any organization that wants to architect their SAP environment from the perspective of the business. Marike Owen, senior product manager at BMC Software, walks you through the steps you need to take to do this and recommends a complimentary webinar on BSM for SAP.

Derek Prior, a consultant for AMR Research and formerly a lead SAP consultant for Gartner, will be featured at the webinar, Using ITIL Best Practices to Optimize Your SAP Environment, on October 3, 2006. He'll discuss the need for more business-focused management of SAP environments, and will address how ITIL methodologies and Business Service Management processes significantly improve IT service levels, leading to better business performance. A follow-up webinar in November shares real-life examples of ITIL and BSM implementations in SAP environments.



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Marike Owen is a senior product manager at BMC Software with 13 years of experience in the systems management market. She began working with systems management at HP, where she worked in the OpenView Software Group, then managed all parts of PATROL for BMC, and eventually settled into application knowledge modules with a specific focus on SAP. Marike has an undergraduate degree from The Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.