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Posted by Tom Parish Sep 21, 2006
ITIL Versus COBIT: Podcast interview with Peter Hill, IT governance consultant, and Ken Turbitt, global best practices director at BMC Software, Inc.



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You're hearing a lot of things about IT best practices right now. ITIL refresh ... CobIT 3 ... ITIL version 3 ... CobIT 4 ... what's the difference between all of these, and why are they important to your business? Ken Turbitt and Peter Hill are here to set the record straight. You see, it's not really an "ITIL versus CobIT" world.

You've implemented ITIL, but now everyone's talking about the new best practice in town -- CobIT. So, do you just drop ITIL and go with CobIT, or can you bring these two frameworks together and use them to maintain momentum in your continuous IT improvement process? Ken and Peter discuss specifically where CobIT complements ITIL and where it is different, as well as what CobIT adds to the best practices mix.



White Paper: Combine ITIL and CobIT to Meet Business Challenges (PDF)
Ken Turbitt's Blog: IT Best Practices
Podcast with Ken Turbitt: Looking at the Big Picture on ITIL



Peter Hill is an IT governance consultant with ten years of experience. He is currently a director of the IT Governance Network, a company specializing in IT governance consulting and training. Hill has extensive experience with CobIT, having used it as the umbrella model to implement IT governance, process improvement, compliance, and manage risk activities for a number of clients. Hill has been at the forefront of information technology governance since the early 1990s. He has extensive knowledge across many of the areas within IT governance and started working with CobIT in 1994. Recently, Hill participated as a member of the CobIT 4.0 development team. He has contributed to a number of publications on IT governance and CobIT.


Ken Turbitt is a qualified ISEB ITIL Manager and Gartner-qualified TCO consultant. He was a founding member of the Institute for the Management of Information Systems (member since 1985) "outsourcing special interest" group, founded a successful independent consultancy, and was an enterprise architect/analyst for Peregrine Systems, assisting sales and business development across EMEA. Ken also managed the infrastructure resource management (IRM) consultancy practice within Fujitsu/ICL on a worldwide basis, where he was recognized as the ICL worldwide authority on asset management and related services. Before ICL, Ken was a management consultant with Price Waterhouse Coopers (then Coopers & Lybrand), where he managed their Network Management Center. Currently, Ken is employed by BMC Software working as best practice director, assisting BMC in aligning with the best practices for IT services (e.g., ITIL, CobIT, ETom), presenting to clients, partners, and analysts.

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