Accelerate BSM Value by Optimizing Your IT Processes: Podcast interview with Dave Wilt, senior solutions marketing manager at BMC Software, Inc.



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Ah, remember those years when ERP was catching on in the marketplace? All the re-engineering of your business processes, the time, the cost (the pain)?  Business Service Management (BSM) is important, but is a change in culture required? What are the steps to take, and what are the benefits? Dave Wilt, senior solutions marketing manager at BMC may not be a tech geek, but his 17 years in high-tech have been spent helping people understand, improve, and optimize their business processes.

Yes, there was excitement around ERP in the old days -- everyone in your company was going to work on the same set of business processes. But the ERP sea change required a massive change in culture and dramatic re-engineering to fit the software. Now, when considering adopting BSM, Dave believes the ERP model offers inspiration but will also teach you what not to do. BSM gives your IT team a business context for what they do, and provides important integration points that will help you understand how to service the priorities and needs of the business. It's less difficult than you think to run IT from the perspective of the business.



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Dave Wilt is a senior solutions marketing manager for BMC Software with responsibility for IT service management and IT asset management. Mr. Wilt has more than 17 years experience in technology, including marketing positions at Vitria and Ariba and was a marketing consulting for Hewlett-Packard.