Industry Analyst Series - Datacenter Optimization: Podcast interview with Fred Johannessen, vice president and program executive for data center solutions at BMC Software, Inc., and Julie Craig, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates



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With 80 percent of IT budgets today being used to maintain the status quo, very little is left over to implement newer technology and services that will help take the business to the next level. How can you lower costs, yet improve services and unleash innovation in your enterprise? Fred Johannessen and Julie Craig have the formula. Done right, you can achieve datacenter optimization and realize significant and demonstrable savings that can be used for new technology to grow your business.

Fred discusses a four-step continuous improvement process that will help you resolve the cost versus quality dilemma in your datacenter. The key is optimization, he says. Julie Craig throws best practices into the mix, describing what CobiT might bring to the table that ITIL does not. She talks about the exciting products that are coming out in the market right now and how the CMDB is contributing to product intelligence that is positioning technology to manage systems better than humans for the first time ever. She's also excited about new products and workflows that are helping companies navigate through the ITIL puzzle while helping them model, implement, and enforce their processes. If you're having trouble putting the pieces together, tune in to this informative interview.



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Fred Johannessen is vice president and program executive for data center solutions at BMC Software and has been with BMC nearly 10 years, serving in a variety of executive roles.


Julie Craig has over 20 years of deep and broad IT experience in software development and enterprise systems management. Her experience as a developer in commercial software companies included analysis, design, and coding in diverse development environments, as well as management of programming teams. Her Master’s Degree area of emphasis was on Object Oriented Technologies with a focus on Java. As a former IT senior engineer, she has extensively evaluated enterprise management solutions for ROI and functionality and has implemented multiple system, application, and performance management products. At EMA, Julie’s focus is on application and performance management, ITIL, and emerging technologies including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Autonomic Computing. Prior to EMA, her most recent position was as a manager in the Global Architecture and Core Technologies group at Accenture, where she worked extensively on ITIL-related consulting projects.