Cool Technology for Institutional Investment Banking: Podcast interview with George Gallop, Vice President of TuringSMI



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George Gallop heads the Capital Markets Group of TuringSMI, a BMC global VAR and partner company. In this podcast interview, he discusses the financial services and investment banking industries and what role technology plays in financial and brokerage transactions. What are the drivers for growth and the important things happening that call for better technology and processes? George answers these questions and more.

TuringSMI has created a solution called FIQS, based on the service desk technology of the BMC® Remedy® Action Request System®.  In the absence of a common resolution platform, some banks and institutional investment firms are challenged to truly understand their cost of sales and the profitability of supporting certain institutional customers. Customers demand more and more accurate data, immediate performance, and don't like to be "shuffled around the house." The FIQS solution enabled a true, single point of contact for the customer; better performance; and a better user experience. This is an industry first -- taking a technology used for an IT service desk function and creating a solution that enables institutional investment banks and financial institutions to record, raise, route, monitor, and report on all elements of a business interaction and service request from external clients and contacts. (For more information, contact George Gallop or Jeffrey Laper.)



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George Gallop heads the Capital Markets Group of TuringSMI, a BMC global VAR and partner company. A native of New York City and graduate of Temple University, George spent over 15 years in Investment Banking Operations, Trading & Sales and Sales Management. Prior to joining TuringSMI George was Vice President, Fixed Income Capital Markets for a top tier Wall Street Investment group. George resides in Southern England with his wife and 2 children.