Racing to Win with BSM: Podcast interview with Peter Armstrong, Corporate Strategist at BMC Software, Inc.



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The core of Toyota's service level agreements with IT is very simple: Automate the processes wherever you can and do anything to make the car faster. With this mandate, Toyota's IT started its BSM journey with discovery, the CMDB, impact management, asset and change management, help desk, and reporting. This dedication to focus firmly on the business has allowed Toyota to analyze and consolidate their server environment, eradicate unnecessary resources, and save about 15 percent of their technology costs. So, is everything in place for Toyota to win the Formula 1 championship? Peter thinks so. Tune in to find out how this race ends. And, meet the Toyota team at BMC UserWorld.




Toyota Formula 1 Success Story

Toyota Motorsport GmbH aligns IT with business and racing objectives

Business Service Management at BMC Software



Peter Armstrong is responsible for the increasingly important domain of how business and information technology need to work together. Armstrong has helped to develop the company’s Business Service Management (BSM) strategy. He is also responsible for educating BMC Software's customers and employees, the media, and analysts about the company's vision and strategy. In addition to evangelizing, he works closely with the company's development labs to keep them informed about customer plans and activities, particularly in the non-U.S. marketplace, helping to ensure that the solutions BMC Software delivers are pertinent worldwide both today and in the future.