Beyond Disaster Recovery: Podcast interview with Bronna Shapiro, Director of Infrastructure and Applications Management at BMC Software



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Your IT staff faces a daunting challenge in protecting the IT ecosystem on a 24x7 basis. Bronna Shapiro, Director of Infrastructure and Applications Management at BMC Software discusses the role of the mainframe within the IT environment and the risks to business operations and continuity posed by events other than disaster or hardware failures. Bronna shares one very personal business disaster experience and talks about how solutions based upon intelligent automation can mitigate threats to business continuity and significantly increase your operational efficiency. But, the solutions also have to be based upon the broader context of Business Service Management.

Mainframe systems continue to store the majority of the world's digital information. Because the mainframe is so critical to business continuity, when the data is lost, corrupted, or cannot be accessed quickly, it can be catastrophic to the business. When preparing for the worst, you have to consider calamitous events that can wipe out entire data centers, but not forget other types of events that can be just as catastrophic -- human errors, application errors, and delays in reacting to changing conditions in the IT environment. How can you really protect your business? Bronna lets you know.



White Paper: "Beyond Disaster Recovery": Protecting Mainframes to Ensure Business Continuity (PDF)

Read the new book Innovation: Information Technology and Business (PDF)



Bronna Shapiro manages a team responsible for solutions marketing strategy and baseline campaigns for BMC and is a member of the BMC Thought Leadership Council. Her prior industry experience is in product management of key mainframe products and as an instructor for courses on IMS and DB2 conducted worldwide.