Auditing Identities? Podcast interview with Rami Elron, Senior System Architect with the Identity Management business unit at BMC Software



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When you hear the word "audit," do you shudder? Have no fear, says Rami Elron, Senior System Architect with the Identity Management business unit at BMC Software and co-author of several books on security. This isn't the IRS. Identity Management audit helps you stay in control of the different identity records that relate to users and is necessary if you want to stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements. Today, auditing plays a key role in IT management duties.

Did you know that many Identity Management solutions in the marketplace today were designed before regulatory compliance mandates were established?  Rami tells us how this impacts the decisions your organization makes for this area. How can managing and auditing identities address regulatory compliance concerns, why has audit become so important, and what does all of this have to do with Business Service Management (BSM)? Find out, from the guy who wrote the book on it.



The Black Book on Corporate Security



Rami Elron is a Senior System Architect at BMC Software and is responsible for designing BMC Software's Identity Management suite, and the solution’s next-generation architecture and features. An industrial engineer, Rami has over 15 years of experience in computing infrastructure and development environments as a developer, project manager, and system architect, and has lectured in academia and at prominent computer industry conferences. Rami has an extensive background in Windows and Java technologies, application development, UI design, identity and security management technologies, system infrastructure, and implementation of frameworks such as MSF. Before joining BMC Software, Rami served as Vice President of Technology for a large system integration firm. Rami was appointed by Microsoft to be a Microsoft Regional Director for operating systems and received several notable awards, including Person of the Year.


Rami is an active member of the OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee that created the international SPML standard for provisioning and identity management. Rami co-authored a best selling book on Windows XP and has written numerous articles on Windows, security, and identity management technologies.