But have you heard about Federated Identity Management? Podcast interview with Steve Anderson, Product Architect with BMC Software's Identity Management business unit.



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You've heard about Identity Management, but what about federated IdM? There are some major benefits, and Steve Anderson, product architect with BMC Software, discusses the three biggest, impact on the user experience, cost reduction, and security. Want to know more?

In this podcast, Steve offers business-case scenarios and real-world examples, then illustrates his points graphically. How are open standards used in the design of the federated IdM solution? What federation tools are available? How do Web services factor into federation? How do you implement federated IdM with a partner? Steve answers all of your questions.



Diagram of How Federated Identity Management Works (GIF)




Steve Anderson is a product architect with BMC Software's Identity Management business unit. Steve has actively participated in the creation of many of today's identity federation standards. He is an original member and the secretary of the OASIS SAML TC, an original member of the OASIS WS-Security TC, a member of the Liberty Alliance Technical Expert Group, and a co-author of WS-Trust and WS-SecureConversation.