Visualize BSM Nirvana with Identity Management: Podcast interview with Cindy Sterling, Director with BMC Software's Identity Management business unit


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Identity information can be found all over organizations today, says Cindy Sterling, Director at BMC's Identity Management business unit. Why should you care? Well, this labor-intensive and disconnected information leaves most organizations struggling with IdM inefficiencies. Keep it simple and focus on four key areas: Who are all of the users that touch the IT resources, what do they have access to, how did they receive this access, and what is their behavior? Once these questions are answered and you link and visualize the data, your company will realize immediate IT benefits, and can empower end users and business owners.

What makes our approach unique, asks Cindy? Well, we break it down into bite-sized pieces. This modular methodology allows your organization to enter any place in the IdM chain: directory management and visualization, access management, user administration and provisioning, password management, and audit and compliance management. If you're really trying to improve your business services, you need to focus on the linkage between people, process, and technology. Identity management is the glue that binds your infrastructure and service management initiatives ... and a great place to begin your BSM journey.



Cindy Sterling is a director with BMC Software's Identity Management business unit. Since joining BMC in 1993, Cindy has held several executive positions including director of operations for field marketing for the Americas covering five business units, director of North American technical services for security management solutions, and worldwide director of product marketing and business development for identity management solutions. The flagship product of her business unit is BMC Identity Management Suite, the most successfully deployed solution in the market today, covering Directory Management and Visualization, User Administration and Provisioning, Audit and Compliance Management, Access Management, and Password Management.


Prior to 1993, Cindy held several professional and management positions at American United Life Insurance Company. At AUL, her career activities included automating the company’s data center which included deployment of several BMC Software solutions. Cindy holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree from Taylor University.