CMDB Series: Podcast interview with Kia Behnia, Chief Architect at BMC Software, Inc.




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What is the CMDB? The configuration management database is that necessary component that will soon be in all enterprises of any significant size, according to Kia Behnia, Chief Architect for BMC Software, Inc. In this podcast, Behnia discusses the genesis of the CMDB, which revolves around change and configuration management and ITIL best practices. The CMDB, he says, is the "single source of truth" for IT data and processes. It provides an elegant mechanism for tracking changes required for compliance and auditing.  And, it connects people to various systems and services being used in the enterprise.

Kia's key takeaway? Keep in mind the critical components of a successful CMDB implementation:


  • Have a clear purpose and business goal.
  • Don't get into "analysis paralysis." Use the CMDB implementation to solve a specific business problem. Pick an area like asset management, change management, configuration management, or identity management, and use that to drive your CMDB implementation project.
  • Put in place processes for your data so that it doesn't become stale and unusable.



BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB)



Kia Behnia has helped develop the company's Change and Configuration Management (CCM) strategy; prior to joining BMC Software he was CTO for Marimba, and earlier in his career, he was one of the principal technologists for Tivioli Systems.