In the Mind of a CTO: Podcast interview with Mark Vorholt, Chief Technology Officer for dbaDIRECT, a BMC Solutions Partner.



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What's really in the mind of a CTO? Part of a series of podcasts called "In the Mind of a CTO" brought to you by BMC Software, Inc., this one focuses on Mark Vorholt, Chief Technology Officer for dbaDIRECT, a BMC Solutions Partner. This CTO shares his views about where we could use more technology in our daily life, the possibility of reversing IT outsourcing on a global scale, and how companies can stay relevant in an increasingly "flat" world.

Says Vorholt, technology has had an amazing impact on our society, and we live in a truly historical time. Globally, our cultural differences are being overcome by the technology available to everyone. So, how to compete and win in such a vast, level playing field? Stay with what you know and what differentiates you in the marketplace, and success for your company will follow.







Mark Vorholt is the chief technology officer of dbaDIRECT. He has over 20 years of experience in the database industry, and leads dbaDIRECT's operations centers (DBOC™), technical services division, and strategic IT development initiatives. Mr. Vorholt is a recognized thought leader on data infrastructure management and has been quoted in numerous publications. He has also been a featured presenter at the Midwest Electronic Government Forum in Chicago and at selective outsourcing seminars throughout the US.


Prior to joining dbaDIRECT, Mr. Vorholt served as a managing consultant for LÛCRUM, Inc., where he led the company's database administration team supporting enterprise database management systems. This was preceded by his work as a senior Sybase database administrator (DBA) and manager for Cinergy Corporation. A Certified Sybase Professional DBA, Mr. Vorholt holds an MBA in information systems from Xavier University and his bachelor’s degree in information systems from the University of Cincinnati.