Strategy and the Truth About Outsourcing: Podcast with John Bostick, president and CEO of dbaDIRECT



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What does John Bostick, president and CEO of dbaDirect, data infrastructure management (Data IM) services, have to teach you about outsourcing the data management piece of your business?

First of all, says Bostick, what dbaDirect provides -- data infrastructure management (Date IM) services -- is not about outsourcing. "Do you look at hiring a babysitter for your kids as "outsourcing"? Do you look at bringing in a cleaning service for your company as "outsourcing"?" asks Bostick. "No -- these individuals and companies are business service providers. And that is what we are, at dbaDirect: a business service provider." Is the difference between using a business service and outsourcing mostly just semantics? Bostick argues that it is actually very real, -- a subtle, but critical, distinction that can make a lot of difference for your business.


Too often, when people think of the concept of outsourcing, they are thinking of a quick way to have part of their business done by someone else, for a cheaper price. But utilizing a business service is far more strategic, and requires that the company know the areas in which they are strongest, the areas in which they need help, and how to integrate a business service provider to bridge that gap and further strengthen the company. And the communication does not end after negotiating a deal with a business service provider, emphasizes Bostick. It has to be ongoing, proactive, and ultimately, all about the customer's business.


What does John Bostick have to teach you about outsourcing, and the strategy behind Data IM services? Tune in to this fast paced and informative interview, and find out!



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John Bostick is president and CEO of dbaDIRECT, a cutting-edge data infrastructure management (Data IM) services company. Before joining dbaDIRECT, Bostick served as general manager for Pomeroy Computer Resources.  There, he provided strategic direction by focusing the company's services toward Fortune 1000 organizations and medium-sized companies. Mr. Bostick left Pomeroy upon the successful completion of its initial public offering to start LÛCRUM.