Service on Demand: Podcast interview with Jay Gardner, VP and general manager for the On Demand Business Unit



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The analogy goes like this: Suppose you visit the UK, and are not familiar with, or comfortable, driving on the left side of the street. You are not familiar with local traffic laws, where things are located, and so on. A lot of people, given the opportunity, might choose to hire a driver who is familiar with all of those things to do the driving for you. And if the driver who offers you that service does a great job, safely, and at a reasonable price, well, that is the best of all worlds, right?

And that is what managed services offers, says Jay Gardner, the skillsets and software you need, when you need it, at a reasonable price, and on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Today, when most IT shops are pressed to cut costs, but maintain higher levels of service, BMC's broad range of offerings built around incremental "Routes to Value" within its Business Service Management model can help you simplify your organization without sacrificing the quantity or quality of work you need to do for your business.


In this conversation with Tom Parish, Jay Gardner talks candidly about the market forces behind the new "software as a service" model, what are "routes to value," and how offering software as a service is changing the way many traditional IT organizations do business today.



Jay Gardner is the Vice President and General Manager for the On Demand Business Unit for BMC Software, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise management solutions. He has served as a featured speaker for leading industry conferences and honored as a Computerworld 2003 Premier 100 IT Leader. Gardner led a transformation for BMC Software's IT organization from a support role to a strategic partner within the business. He was named as the Vice President and General Manager of BMC Software's On Demand Business Unit in September 2004. Gardner is currently building BMC Software's strategy to deliver solutions to customers in new ways.