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Capacity Roar

Posted by Tom Parish Sep 22, 2005
Capacity Roar: Podcast with Dave Wagner, solutions management director for Capacity Management and Provisioning



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In a business environment that's highly competitive, demands speed and agility, and is unforgiving of "stumbles" like an hour of downtime, it's too easy to get caught up in buying lots and lots of the latest technologies, like virtualization, then expecting instant returns on that investment.

But that can be an expensive trap; one that BMC Software's Dave Wagner has seen plenty of businesses fall into.


It's certainly not a bad thing to invest in new technologies ... what CIO wouldn't want to optimize their IT systems' performance and drive down costs: these add value to the entire company. But be sure to plan for the new additions first, cautions Wagner. To realize real solutions to business problems, companies must build on a foundation of good planning before any new software or hardware purchase. Otherwise, those investments may just end up costing your business more money than they will save, in the long term.


So, here's some advice on maximizing your IT performance from a guy who actually plots what is the most optimal driving route to his job on any given morning.


You should determine where your business is in the continuum of IT maturity. This continuum might range from having the ability to monitor and manage your system's performance, to proactively concentrating IT resources to remedy real problems, to actually modeling what will be the impact of any given change made to your IT infrastructure -- whether it is adding hardware or changing a business process -- then determining the impact of that change, and deciding whether or not to make the change, and if so, how best to make implement it. Going through this process upfront may take some time and some investment, but that investment could make big differences in your company's bottom line.




Dave Wagner is a solutions management director for Capacity Management and Provisioning at BMC Software.  He is responsible for driving overall solution strategy, pricing, requirements and positioning of BMC's families of proactive performance analysis, modeling and dynamic provisioning and orchestration solutions across leading enterprise platforms and their associated application environments. He has spoken at numerous conferences including the Computer Measurement Group, the premier conference for resource management and performance evaluation professionals.

Keep the Skies Friendly

Posted by Tom Parish Sep 7, 2005
Keep the Skies Friendly: Podcast with Atwell Williams, Director of Enterprise Service Management



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You may wonder what in the world running an airport has to do with running a fast-paced IT department in today's business environment. And BMC Software’s Atwell Williams is happy to tell you.

The airport simulation is a teaching tool, devised to show the importance of using the ITIL framework in your IT shop, says Williams. The "game" takes a day, and employs role playing as individuals assume different "jobs" in the business of keeping a busy airport operational and planes flying. The goal is to give non-IT personel a taste of what it's like to work in IT, and how utilizing ITIL can help IT be more efficient and effective. It's a demanding game, as working in a busy IT department is demanding.


ITIL provides processes through which technological challenges such as change management can be addressed consistently and intelligently. But Business Service Management is arguably a much more powerful tool for leveraging technology along with people and processes to deliver superior value for an IT investment. BSM is the vision of absolutely aligning the services that IT provides with the company’s business goals -- and providing the means to do this. It encompasses and goes far beyond the scope of the current buzzwords like Service Oriented Architecture. And the journey toward achieving BSM starts with four, simple questions:


  • Where are you?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • How will you know when you've arrived?


Interested in finding out more about BSM, ITIL, and how to keep the friendly skies, well, friendly?

Join Tom Parish as he speaks with Atwell Williams, and find out how your business can be put on the road to greater efficiency and success.


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Atwell Williams is presently a director of Enterprise Service Management within BMC Software’s Business School. In this role, Mr. Williams is responsible for educating external customers as well as internal BMC staff in the areas of IT Service Management (ITSM) and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Mr. Williams is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and BMC Customer Forums. He has also published several whitepapers on the subject of ITSM and Continuous IT Service Improvement.

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