The Hidden Podcasts - Part 2: Podcast with Tom Bishop, Chief Technology Officer at BMC Software, Inc.



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Tom Bishop, Chief Technology Officer at BMC Software, continues his conversation about Tandem and Tivoli/IBM, people he admires, open source technology, and lessons he has learned in his career ... including how to talk to customers. Another important lesson that has stayed with him is how, and when, to make a decision. When it comes time, you have to take a leadership stand. Make a decision, make it intentionally, and then get on with it, says Tom.


Tom was coming of age in an industry in which there were few "pure" software companies, when software was built with something else in mind: to sell more hardware. Today's software industry is very different economically, but is now grappling with open source and its place in the enterprise. This is a huge shift for some, challenging long-held beliefs about keeping source code proprietary rather than freely distributing it to a worldwide development community. However, BMC uses a large amount of open source components in its products. Tom believes that open source is just another link in the chain of software evolution ... and it gives our industry new options for growth and opportunity.



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Tom Bishop was named one of the top 25 CTOs by InfoWorld Magazine in 2004, and is a well-known industry innovator who holds nine patents in fault tolerant computing and in leading the development of industry standards such as the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and POSIX.