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If you can catch Peter Armstrong on the phone, chances are he's just gotten off a plane from Johannesburg or Lucerne, and he's on his way next to Houston or New York. The conversation will be pleasant, fast-paced, and to the point. Peter doesn't like to waste anybody's time -- yours or his.

But when this corporate mover-and-shaker talks about the Business Service Management (BSM), BMC's hot new approach to realizing real value from IT organizations, he uses terms like "deliberate," "step-by-step," and "mapping out the steps" to implementing BSM -- hardly a rapid-fire methodology. But according to Armstrong, this is the only way to get from where you are in IT maturity to where you want to be. And if your IT shop is in what many of us fondly refer to as the "fire fighting mode," moving up the BSM roadmap is the right move to make.


BSM is a mindset, not a product set, Armstrong emphasizes. You can't buy BSM out of a box; it's a journey that comprises people, processes, and technology. It requires envisioning how you'd like your IT group to function and to be perceived, getting rid of the silos in your service organization, and engaging your business customers 100 percent in the process of change. In other words, it's a total shift in culture, he adds. But with BSM, in the end, your company will see IT as a revenue generator instead of a cost center, a strategic edge rather than a necessary evil.


Says Armstrong, BSM is a strategy that is saving millions for companies today, and that's already adapting to the IT environment of the future. And even though it starts with a vision – your vision – it is achieved the old fashioned way: pragmatically, deliberately, realistically.


To hear more about BSM, today and tomorrow, tune in to a lively conversation with one of BMC's brightest visionaries, Peter Armstrong.



Peter Armstrong is responsible for the increasingly important domain of how business and information technology need to work together. Armstrong has helped to develop the company’s Business Service Management (BSM) strategy. He is also responsible for educating BMC Software’s customers and employees, the media, and analysts about the company’s vision and strategy. In addition to evangelizing, he works closely with the company’s development labs to keep them informed about customer plans and activities, particularly in the non-U.S. marketplace, thus helping to ensure that the solutions BMC Software delivers are pertinent worldwide both today and in the future.