Dr. Cloud,


Happy New Year! I've made a number of personal resolutions, like asking for help when I need it. And cutting back on my Twizzler addiction. But, I want to make some professional resolutions this year - and I feel like one big one should center on cloud computing.


I'm an IT architect at a company that has embraced virtualization as a new platform - but hasn't really transformed with it. It's time for a change, I feel - but I don't want to set myself up for failure with this resolution. Last year, I resolved to learn a new word every day, and by february, I was already having epiphanies and discombobulating peers. So, what should I resolve?


--Resolving in Raleigh


Dear Resolving,


Happy New Year! And, congratulations on your new vocabulary! There's actually a fun web site where I adopted a word - I went with Starrify (to decorate with stars!) - called I bet you could find some real cool ones there.


As to cloudy resolutions, I think you're right. The key will be to pick something that you can achieve - but which is a stretch goal. I propose a step-wise resolution. Rather than:


Find a way for cloud to transform our IT department.


Why not create a series:

1. Brainstorm the benefits we could gain with cloud computing

2. Articulate these benefits effectively to key stakeholders

3. Initiate a pilot cloud project with beta users

4. Develop a plan for fixing any challenges and expanding the implementation


In 12 months - that's a pretty big goal - and it starts with you, but quickly involves others, giving you a chance to raise the game for your entire organization and get them jazzed about the prospects.


But, let me throw it out to the readers - what's your cloud resolution this year? Mine, personally, is to stay away from hokey weather-puns. It's going to be a challenge.


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