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I thought I would share my experience assisting a long time customer who requested I be on site and assist them as they move their HQ location. As part of the move they purchased 50 new in the box dell workstations that need to be set up prior to their users arriving at the new location. They did not want to image these workstations at the old location and move them to the new location and since this move occurred over the weekend (BMC Tech Support Unavailable) they requested I work with them over the weekend to ensure they would not run into any issues as they had a requirement that had to be fulfilled.


Due to a VM issue we started out by building a brand new OSD Manager and got that fully configured (about 10 minutes). The longest part of that was installing ADK (8.1) on that VM.


Once the OSD Manager was configured we copied their existing Windows 7 Gold Image (Sysprep) into the new share and configured that object. Next we moved all the Drivers By Model from the old to the new OSD Manager (Dell Systems). We copied the modified unattend.txt file (Removed a section so unsigned drivers don't require any acknowledgments during the driver installation phase). We continued to set up the balance of the required objects and put the project online.


We then set up a primary Boot Listener (image repository & boot listener roles) and additional boot listeners UNDER our site primary. Network team configured the ports in the Service Desk office so all the boot listeners (one per subnet) were located in a controlled environment. Network team also setup Multicast for the user VLANs (this is a must when doing large deployments).


This customer had built a cool VB script that was set to run as "First Command" which allowed the admins to MOVE the AD object (the project joins the device to the domain so the object already exists) from the default Computers OU to one of the OU options built into the script (OUs by Department). In addition it adds a description in AD which they use to name the assigned USER or Device Location. When synched with AD this field shows up in the NOTES field on the main page of the device in Client Management. It also takes the Service Tag aka Serial Number of the device and renames the computer. They also install the Client Management Agent then the device reboots. After reboot the device has the new unique name and the agent is run for the first time. We built the agent so service does not start until after the first reboot.


We have a device group where NEWLY created objects (Create Date > -1 day) and all the required software is then installed (about 7 software titles including AV) and the folder where the PS script and  BCM_Agent.exe is located is deleted. This group is also assigned to a patch job set to run daily so these newly imaged devices get patched ASAP.


All in all this was a very successful implementation of taking what the customer was already doing and quickly getting it fully setup and configured at the new HQ location.  Below are a few screen shots I took as we imaged these devices in the various office locations.




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For all of you that may not be aware, BMC released a new hotfix on June 6th, 2016 that covers a number of security and stability fixes. I recommend all customers running 12.1 to apply the latest hotfix after reviewing the corrected actions. If you applied any previous patches or not I believe this one needs to be applied. It has been out 1 month and I feel comfortable with its stability.


Click on this link to review the wiki article:

Hotfix 4 for version 12.1 (160606l) - BMC Client Management 12.1 - BMC Documentation

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I am currently in Houston, TX working with a long time customer setting up 12.1 OSD.  They are a world wide customer converting to the newest method of deploying a "Golden Image" to their largest manned sites. They will no longer require their site admins to be an expert in OS Deployments but can use the new features in v12.1 of Client Management to centrally mange and provision newly updated images. This is a large under taking but it will ensure all sites are using a single image for each OS type enterprise wide with no more effort required by Site Admins other than responding to the PXE menu.



The support staff is excited to be relieved of their past time consuming responsibilities and now this simpler method was greeted with much enthusiasm. Many Change Requests still need to be approved as we eliminate scope options on their various DHCP servers and provision devices to take on the role of boot listeners before we complete this task. This will relieve BMC Tech Support of the numerous tickets created troubleshooting the various implementations across the enterprise.  If it works at Corporate, it works everywhere!

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I will have the honor of conducting the February 22-25 Inventory and February 25-26 Patch Training for BMC Academy. This is an online class. I have conducted several ILT classes but this will be my first Online Class.


For those of you that may be interested in taking these courses I have provided an easy link to BMC Academy filtered on Client Management. You must log in to BMC Academy before this link works.


This link will provide guidance if you need assistance in logging into BMC Academy:

Account Login Support - BMC



After completing the course(s) you can take a certification exam and if successfully completed (80% +)  you will receive an official certification in Client Management Administration.


Steve Gibbs

Sr. Systems Consultant

RightStar Systems

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I will be participating in a User Group meeting this January 27th 2016 beginning at 8:30 AM. This user group meeting will be held at U.S. Pharmacopeia, Rockville, MD and is open to current users of Footprints Service Core and/or BMC Client Management A.K.A. Asset Core. Adam Thumm, BMC's SE for both Service Core and BCM will be on site to discuss the road map for both products.


USP is located 1 block away from the Metro Station at Twinbrook:

Metro - Rail - Twinbrook


There’s no cost but you must register to reserve your seat. To register, click on the invitation below or use this URL:


I hope to see you there!