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After 10 years in IT and 4 years in finance, I decided to write a blog. This was due to pure need of documenting certain things which I know. I hate creating documents, it may be because having good memory related to things which I love. But then age is playing game with me these days and I started forgetting few important things which could save my time in day to day work. So I decided to write a blog.


I will be blogging mostly around things which I love the most and also I hate the most .  Linux, Debugging, Android, AR -- these are few areas I will be blogging because I love them in the same order.  I will not write about hate list right now because you will come to know about it over the period if you follow this blog.


If you are looking for well formatted content then this is not the place. So dont expect blog with good formatting.


My first language is not English so ...........


I don't like  newbies/fools writting comments without understanding content in depths, so all comments will be solicited [Yes you guess it right, this is comming from my experience with xda-developers community]


Matt convinced me so I decided to allow comments without moderation.......

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